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TUCAN printing plate

For manufacturers of aerosol cans, tubes and 2-piece beverage cans, we offer TUCAN printing plates and printing blankets. They are the special materials for printing on rotating, cylindrical parts.


The printing plates consist of a steel base with on top a light-sensitive polymer layer. The printing image is created from this layer as a raised relief.


The printing plates are available in 2 versions:


TUCAN digital WS 73

The digital version for imaging on a CtP machine with a laser beam.


TUCAN analog WS 73

The analog version for imaging with a negative film.


The WS plates are also available with a thickness of 0.84 mm and 0.93 mm.


Both types of TUCAN printing plates are exposed to UV-A light after imaging and then washed out with water.


TUCAN plates are available in standard sizes or are delivered cut-to-size according to customer specifications

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