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Internal Lacquer Oven Chains

For the drying ovens of the interior coating of cans and tubes, we provide both chains and buckets in various sizes and shapes. According to the chain version, they can be used at temperatures up to 350° C.

We supply the transport buckets in the shape and size matching the chain pitch and sprocket sizes for single-lane ovens, or in their particularly long shape suitable for two- or three-lane ovens. The buckets are made of stainless steel on modern, CNC-controlled laser systems.

The chains are pre-lubricated with graphite-containing oils.

IT-SP chains
Hollow pin chains made from heat resistant-steel, with metric pitch

IT-AI chains
Heavy hollow pin chains, for aerosol monobloc can and bottle dryers

IT-IT Chains
Hollow pin chains with inch pitch

Buckets for internal lacquer ovens

Sprockets for internal lacquer ovens


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