Aerosol Can and Collapsible Tube Industry

For manufacturers of aluminum aerosol monobloc cans and aluminum collapsible tubes we offer an extensive product range of conveyor chains, tooling and spare parts as well as machines suitable for the special machinery and equipment of this industry. The precision parts are manufactured and assembled by specialized manufacturers in Germany and other European countries. The technological level and many years of experience guarantee the best standard of quality for our products.


Conveying Chains

We supply specific conveyor chains in the different variations, designs and sizes required for this industry. Chains for washing machines, annealing ovens, pin chains for drying ovens and accumulators as well as chains with buckets for internal lacquer drying ovens.   


We offer special tooling to equip the production machinery for this industry. This includes tools for extrusion, brushes for polishing aerosol monobloc cans, printing cylinders for printing machines, vibration conveying technology for tube caps and much more. 


Spare Parts

For the maintenance of machinery for this industry we offer an extensive range of spare parts and machinery components. Clutches, gearboxes, indexing gearboxes, machine drives as well as electronic parts such as encoders, sensors and control units. In addition to this, we also supply pumps, filters, drive shafts and drive elements.